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Protect your Trailers and the contents inside with the GPS Trailer Tracking Solution

Atlantech Africa Ltd GPS trailer tracking solution provides complete visibility over powered trailers when on the road, and peace of mind when trailers are left at job sites. The solution combines the power of the Fleet.Net trailer tracking cloud platform along with a mobile app for drivers, with our advanced GPS trackers for trailers – providing for an all-in-one total solution.

A Comprehensive Trailer Tracking Solution

We provide end-to-end visibility into both the whereabouts of the trailers and the status of their contents via mobile apps for drivers and IOT shipment tracking.

Identify under-utilized Trailers

Monitor the inventory of your assets with a push of a button (what is where) and identify under-utilized trailers.

Centralize The Tracking Of All Assets In One Place

Our IoT sensors that are placed on the shipments are connected to the trailer tracking system and the driver’s mobile app, provide the most accurate ETAs possible, and allow you to share that same information back with the customer via a live tracking link.

Trailer GPS Tracking System- How it works

The Trailer Tracking Solution is Perfect For:

Any Powered Asset



Refrigerated Trailers

  • End-to-end visibility into both the whereabouts of the trailers and the status of their contents
  • Mobile App for drivers to share ETA's and stay connected
  • Wired and Battery Powered solution
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Unauthorized movement Alerts
  • A complete solution with fleet management, dashcams, routing optimization, mobile apps and shipment tracking
  • Simple Installation
  • Designed specifically for trailers
  • IoT sensors for additional tracking capabilities

Market Demand & Challenge

Considering the complicated structural size and scenarios of trailer truck, including articulated trucks, Howen’s VSS for trailer trucks provider a 360 degree and in-depth monitoring for the tractor, trailer, driver cabin, driver behavior, vehicle status, etc.

  1. 1.  Up to 8/12 channels MDVR: full view of inside of driver cab, and outside of truck.
  2. 2.  Surveillance of blind spots, which threats the safety and driving risk of articulated trucks.
  3. 3.  Detach-able trailer connectors, to provide convenience, when trailer is detached and assembled to tractor.
  4. 4.  Real-time GPS tracking monitoring, and event-based video uploading.
  5. 5.  Driver behavior monitoring.

  • Vehicle status: Harsh braking, Harsh acceleration, tilting, impact detection, etc.
  • Driver drowsiness detection by Driver Monitoring System
Tracking Truck Solutions

End-To-End Visibility On Trailers And It's Contents

From tracking your trailers to IoT shipment tracking on the parcel level tied in with the mobile app for drivers to share ETA’s with customers, our solution allows you to maximize equipment utilization, supply chain information flow and delivery performance.

Dash View
Dash View

Designed Specifically For Trailers

Designed specifically for trailers, the GPS tracking device for trailer reports in real-time when connected to cabin and automatically switches to asset tracking mode once trailer is disconnected from the cabin, providing comprehensive visibility for trailers parked at job sites waiting to be unloaded and reloaded.


Ensure Trailer and Cargo Security

With the trailer track system you are able to set a geofence boundary radius and even a boundary within a boundary and get alerts upon exit/entrance of boundary and on sudden vibrations. Rapidly respond to equipment malfunctions and other critical conditions that could jeopardize your trailers and valuable shipments.

Dash View
Dash View

Refrigerated Trailer Temperature Monitoring

For the cold chain, we offer wired and wireless temperature monitoring solutions depending on your needs, for a complete fleet management, routing, ELD and dashcam solution.

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